Patagonia Common Threads Partnership


There are many ways to reduce the impact of the stuff we make and you buy. Through our partnership with bluesign Technologies we are reducing energy and water use and toxic substances in our manufacturing processes. We also use environmentally conscious fibers in many of our products, including organic cotton and recycled polyester, and try to minimize our packaging and transportation waste. Most importantly we make quality products that last a long time and, with proper care, won’t need to be replaced for many years. As a consumer, the biggest thing you can do is to not buy what you don’t really need. And if you do buy something from us, care for it so it lasts a long time. To that end, check out our care manual.


We try to make clothes that last a long time and wear out as evenly as possible, and we will repair Patagonia clothing that you send back to us to be fixed. Our policy is to get repairs unpacked, done and back in the mail to you within 10 business days. We pay for repairs that we’re responsible for and charge a fair price for repairs due to normal wear and tear. In addition, many of our stores have relationships with local tailors capable of working on our clothes.


Through our partnership with eBay and the Patagonia Used Clothing Store on our website, we make it easy for you to sell old Patagonia clothing that might otherwise collect dust in your closet or end up in a landfill. To date we’ve helped put nearly 42,000 Patagonia products back into circulation. If you've tired of a Patagonia product that just won't quit, consider selling it.


Recycling is a key component of reducing waste and conserving natural resources. By recycling old products, we can keep many of the same materials in circulation for years. In 2005 we began taking back worn out Patagonia clothing for recycling. Today, you can return any Patagonia product to us and we will reuse it, recycle it into new fabric or make it into a new product.


Partnerships strengthen our ability to generate change. Over the years, we've worked with great companies, leaders and customers to incite change in our industry and culture. Together we are building the world we've reimagined, one where we take only what nature can replace.